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Crying for the Right Reasons

Here is an example of a product being sold to support the “Shout Your Abortion” movement and abortions in Wicked Willie’s geographical area of practice. Even here you can find…


When Religious Freedom Means Murder

The idea of a moral or legal system built on neutral values comes from a view of the universe as being meaningless and without purpose. But such neutral systems looking…


The Assault on the Family

Karl Marx once said that the way to be rid of the heavenly family of Father, Son and Holy Spirit was to destroy the earthly family. Those of us who…


Recovering the Shame of Abortion

It has become increasingly common for feminists to speak plainly about their feelings of hatred against unborn children. These types aren’t like the media brain-washed types that actually believe organizations…


Confronting the Idol of Choice

It is an all too common idea amongst most evangelicals in our day that the Christian faith is only about “soul-winning” for heaven one day. This is a pervasive notion…


Pro-life or Pro-choice, You’re Religious

Those who adopt the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice positions do so from a foundationally religious perspective. Many may interject with the retort that there are those on both sides of this…

wall art

Leprosy in the Walls

Abortion is sin. It is the premeditated murder of unborn children in the womb with malice of forethought. It is a heinous, abominable crime and an affront against a holy…


Why We Should Not Beg For A Seat At The Table

As Bible-believing Christians, we find ourselves living in a culture that is increasingly hostile to our worldview. This didn’t happen overnight and it certainly isn’t a coincidence. It was the…

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