The Pro-Life Movement Helps Abortion

When the movement isn’t fundamentally Christian and committed to the Biblical Worldview it fails to be internally, biblically, philosophically, and legislatively consistent.


This is Why: The Loss of Shame

On this episode of This is Why Zach Conover talks about the loss of shame and how that loss has impacted this movement.


Abortion: Are Women Victims?

In this shocking expose of the Pro-life movement in America, Zachary Conover talks about a recent interview with the President of National Right to Life.


Satanist Attacks Pastor

Jeff spends a little time going through her post and explaining how Satanism and Abortion activism are not so uncommon.

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Confidently answer "Pro-Choicer's" Objections

This definitive guide will help you help you become winsome and consistent in your next conversation with a pro-choicer.