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my body my choice

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End Abortion Now

Christ or Chaos

In this message, Pastor Luke applies the consequences of Christ or Chaos to the issue of protecting all life.

In The Field
End Abortion Now

Pastor Leads By Example

This is an example of how to boldly and humbly share the truth and offer help.

End Abortion Now

EAN Conference Panel Q&A

The panel talks about their experience at the mill, proper ways to approach abolition legislatively, and the myth of neutrality!

End Abortion Now

Why We Have This Passion

This message was delivered by Pastor Brian Gunter at the EAN Conference in Louisiana.

Real Story
End Abortion Now

The Faithful in Flint

Listen to this testimony of someone who is called into difficult ministry and faithful to that calling.

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my body my choice

Confidently answer "Pro-Choicer's" Objections

This definitive guide will help you become winsome and consistent in your next conversation with a pro-choicer.