‘Every Second Counts’ is a new series providing Biblical answers to various questions on this issue with urgency and clarity. Why are we for Equal Protection? God is concerned about Justice and Equal Weights and Measures. Therefore, there should be Equal Protection for all human life.

What is Equal Protection

• Treats all forms of abortion exactly the same: as homicide.
• Provides equal protection of the laws to all people from the moment of fertilization.
• Ensures the same protections given to born people are also given to people BEFORE they are born.

Why are we for Equal Protection?

  • We must listen to God’s word and be consistent with our logic and reasoning to ensure equal protection for all humans from conception.
  • Proverbs 20:23 states that unequal weights and measures are an abomination to God.
  • It is the duty of the Christian Church to love our neighbors as we love ourselves and to treat everybody the same.
  • The Jim Crow era and the issue of slavery were abominations because human beings were treated with such depravity and evil.
  • It is wrong to say that one type of human is not a person because of the color of their skin.
  • We must recognize the evil of unequal justice and ensure that all image-bearers of God are protected and given justice.
  • God commands us to hate unequal weights and measures, which is why we must have equal protection for all humans from conception.
  • We should not allow any humans to be killed, as all humans are image-bearers of God.
  • We must establish justice and protect the fatherless.
  • It is our responsibility to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally.