– 09/09/2021

Fight Laugh Feast Conference

Hosted by CrossPolitic, the conference will feature vendors and End Abortion Now will have a booth set up where we look forward to a special time of fellowship with likeminded brothers and sisters in the Lord. Stop by the booth to meet us, ask questions, and find out how EAN can help get your local church equipped to engage the evil of abortion with the Gospel! Speakers include Doug Wilson, Toby Sumpter, Voddie Baucham Gary Demar, George Grant and more!


945 E Baddour Parkway

Start Time

4:30 pm


Conference Fees $275 Individual $725 Family (Groups of 3 or more, for ages 6 and up)

What to Expect

Sex is inherently political. What we do in the privacy of our homes never stays there—it always impacts the world. Healthy culture must be cultivated through the fruitfulness of godly families, or else it dies from self-absorption and sexual rebellion. Today, our sexual choices and values are reshaping our society into the image of the world, and as Christians we need to be emboldened to speak and live with conviction in the public square regarding these issues. The Politics of Sex is about having frank discussion and conversation about sex, family, gender and culture so that we can learn to live as Jesus calls us to live. Join us in Lebanon, TN September 9–11 at the Farm Bureau Exposition Center as we fight, laugh, and feast to the glory of God!

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