– 02/25/2023

South Carolina Rally For Equal Protection


1100 Gervais St

Start Time

9:00 am



What to Expect

Representative Rob Harris has filed House Bill 3549, The SC Prenatal Equal Protection Act, which ends abortion from fertilization by establishing equal protection for all pre-born babies.
Join Christians from around the state at The Rally for Equal Protection followed by a Prayer Walk around the statehouse.
Speakers include:
Jeff Durbin – End Abortion Now
Bradley Pierce – Foundation to Abolish Abortion
Rob Harris – SC State Representative
Mart Brock – Equal Protection South Carolina / Operation Save America
South Carolina has the Constitutional and Biblical duty to restore equal protection rights for all pre-born babies beginning at fertilization.
Join us, as the church of Christ stands with once voice to call our lawmakers to be consistent with what they profess to believe!
Join us and let your voice be heard!



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