HB 813

You can save 7,000 children this year in LA.


Come join us in the effort to end abortion in Louisiana! End Abortion Now and its legislative arm, Action for Life, are forwarding legislation in Louisiana to establish equal protection for pre-born children. This bill will be voted on this Thursday May 12th. You can end abortion now, Louisiana! 

You can make a change, right now.


Contact each house of representative.

In the button below is the list of all your local representatives. Call and email each one of them using the provided script.


Show up to the Rally

Show your support for the courageous legislators fighting to end abortion!. Make sure that when they show up to vote that day that they have to walk through a sea of people in support of the bill.

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Event Time

Thursday May 12th, 2022 12pm - 3pm
900 North 3rd St, Baton Rouge

1. Find an exhaustive list of your states representatives using the below button

NOTE: Start by contacting your prolife (Republican) representatives first.

2. Copy and Paste Message below into an email and then use the Phone script and call.
Subject: Defend Life! HB813: VOTE YES

"I am asking for your YES vote on HB813. Life is precious, begins at fertilization, and must be equally protected. Now is the time to be BOLD in favor of what is righteous and just. Please support the Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana Act. 

Thank you,
(Your Name)


Hello Rep [NAME], (Introduce yourself and the district in which you reside) I’m contacting you regarding bill HB813: THE ABOLITION OF ABORTION IN LOUISIANA ACT. I stand with those on the side of life in our state who believe life begins at conception and that babies in the womb should receive the same protections under the law that you and I enjoy. Respectfully, I implore you to vote YES on this bill. Now is the time to be BOLD in favor of what is righteous and just before God. Please make good on your word to end abortion in our state. Thank you for your time.


Be informed and learn about the abortion issue.

Hear the word of God as it pertains to the subject of abortion.

See examples of how to interact with Pro-Choice objections in real-time.

Be encouraged as you learn about ending abortion as the Church.

my body my choice

Confidently answer "Pro-Choicer's" Objections

This definitive guide will help you become winsome and consistent in your next conversation with a pro-choicer.