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By joining together, and making our voices heard we can make a difference and save the lives of pre-born children in the state of Louisiana, and beyond.

At End Abortion Now, it is our Organization’s sole duty to bring about a complete end to abortion.


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Next Steps

Contact Tony Bacala

If you haven’t already sent an email to Tony Bacala, or phoned his office to request that the state legislature immediately holds a hearing for HB 813, please click the button below to see a script on what to say, along with his contact information

Tony Bacala (R)

Vice Chair for the Administration of Criminal Justice, and a state representative for Louisiana (District 59).

Show up to the Rally

Show your support for the courageous legislators fighting to end abortion! See all the event details here

Saturday April 30, 2022 10am - 12pm
900 North 3rd St, Baton Rouge

Copy and Paste Message below into an email and be sure to call Tony Bacala
Tony Bacala (R)

Vice Chair for the Administration of Criminal Justice, and a state representative for Louisiana (District 59).

Phone: (225) 677-8020

					Dear Rep. Bacala,

(Introduce yourself and the district in which you reside)

I am requesting your immediate assistance as a concerned citizen.

In 2020, over 7,000 children were destroyed in the wombs of their mothers through abortion.

Right now, Representative Danny McCormick is working to establish justice for the pre-born and force a vote on the Abolition of Abortion in Lousiana Act (HB813), which would provide equal protection for all human beings from the moment of conception.

I am contacting you because the bill, that would abolish abortion completely in Louisiana, currently sits in your committee: the House Administration for Criminal Justice. I am requesting that you schedule a hearing for this bill so that it can be heard and receive a vote.

If this bill does not get a vote, we are failing to do our duty to protect all of the citizens of our state. Please understand that this is extremely urgent, and I am counting on your immediate attention and necessary action in response to this matter.



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