When Christians hear the word “heresy” we tend to think of disputes over doctrine. That is to say, we think of right belief in the church being threatened by an unbiblical teaching that leads people astray. As heresy has crept into the fellowship of believers in church history, the appropriate response has been for the Church to confront and refute false teaching. However, heretical teaching is not limited to ecclesiastical matters. Limiting false teaching to something that happens only within the Church prevents us from seeing how aberrant doctrines can impact other areas of life, including the political sphere. It takes application of the faith in other arenas to flesh out such inconsistencies. This accounts for why professing believers within a church community can be confessionally orthodox on core Christian truth and yet hold unbiblical views on a particular issue.

Our new documentary surrounding the events that took place at the Louisiana legislature and the annual Southern Baptist Convention illustrate this point. We put this footage together so that you can see the unbiblical nature of the Pro-Life Industry in their opposition to the end of abortion. The Louisiana legislature, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, and 70 other Pro-Life organizations publicly stood against the bill of equal protection that would have ended abortion in the state. Their primary reason? The heretical belief that women who willfully kill their preborn children should face no consequences under the law. Such a belief is heretical because it frames the woman as a victim, cutting her off from the power of the Gospel. Furthermore, it prevents the same standard of justice from being given to the baby in the womb that protects everyone else’s lives.

Friends, we have said it before, and will continue to sound the alarm. The Pro-Life Industry is not Christian. They refuse to make this fight about Christ, His Gospel, and justice for the innocent. They do not really believe that the baby in the womb should be protected from the moment of fertilization. They are not fighting to actually end abortion, even now in a post Roe society. Their contradictory position has been exposed for the world to see. But the world will not see unless you help us expose the darkness. Please share this documentary. Help us get the word out. Hold them accountable. Being Pro-Life means believing that no one should have the right to murder an innocent child in the womb, and acting consistently with that premise. It’s time to provide preborn children equal protection and end abortion now!