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Pro-Life Facts

Answering the common misconceptions spread by the pro-choice movement.



Before we embark on the voyage of the Christian life in another year that God has graciously given let us especially marinate in the resolve of God.

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Crimson Hands and Unclean Lands

The shedding of innocent blood is no trivial matter to the God of the Bible. In fact, it is listed among several things in Scripture

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Cowards Who Coddle Child Sacrifice

In modern evangelicalism, there is a list of approved sins a Pastor may criticize openly without fear of stirring the pot. Think racism. This is

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No, Our Goal Is Not Reducing Abortions

Conversing with enough abortion advocates over a period of time will expose you to the same tired arguments again and again. Mind you, there is

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The Election and Our True Hope

On the verge of the Presidential Election, it is worth reminding Bible believing Christians actively engaged in the abortion fight about the source of their


Why We Should Not Beg For A Seat At The Table

As Bible-believing Christians, we find ourselves living in a culture that is increasingly hostile to our worldview. This didn’t happen overnight and it certainly isn’t

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Leprosy in the Walls

Abortion is sin. It is the premeditated murder of unborn children in the womb with malice of forethought. It is a heinous, abominable crime and


Pro-life or Pro-choice, You’re Religious

One may interject with the retort that there are many on both sides of this hotly contested debate who don’t appeal to any form of religion or appeal to God in order to make their stand either way.

Be informed. Always.

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