Pro-Life Spoken Word: “Pro-Gospel”

In this Spoken Word piece, Zach Conover shines light on the necessity of a Gospel-centered message for life. For several decades, the efforts of the Pro-Life movement have been filled with neutrality and political posturing instead of a focus on the power of God for salvation. The strategy has been to sacrifice an exclusive Christian message for the sake of rallying numbers to the cause and as a result, Biblical truth has taken a back seat. However, abortion is a sin issue because it is an issue of the heart, and only the Good News of peace with God through the work of Jesus Christ can truly change hearts. This message is vital to understand and even more important to put into practice. Child sacrifice will not be done away with fully apart from the Gospel. It is only the Christian Church, speaking the Word of God, empowered by the Holy Spirit, that will lead to the end of this great injustice.

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