The Dirty Little Secret of the Pro-Life Industry

We expose what the pro-life industry doesn't want you to know.

Over the past 40 years, the pro-life industry has failed to end abortion in our Nation.  Not only have they failed, but they’ve become one of the biggest opponents to the abolitionist movement.  We expose the truth about the pro-life industry in this video.

This video would not have been possible if it were not for people like you, who want to see babies saved.

We know this is an uphill battle and the stakes are high if we fail.  More children will be murdered and this national evil will continue.
We simply cannot do this without the support of our donors and church partners.
If you have benefited from our resources if you truly want to see the end of abortion and see children saved from death, would you consider giving?
When you give, you can have the confidence knowing under God, your funds are having an eternal impact.
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Be informed. Always.

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What the pro-life industry doesn’t want you to know

Be informed and learn about the abortion issue.

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