Who Will Stand For The Unborn? #Endabortionnow Conference

John Barros has been used by God to save thousands of children at abortion clinics across the United States. This talk is from Apologia Church’s #endabortionnow conference in Arizona. Over 200-people from across the country (representing 100 churches) gathered together to prepare to bring the Gospel to their local clinics.

Your church can be a part of this movement as well. Just go to https://endabortionnow.com. You can get free training and free resources to bring the Gospel and save children.

For more from Apologia Studios, go to https://apologiastudios.com. You can listen to over 200 radio and podcast episodes. You can also sign-up for Apologia All Access and get every TV show, every After Show, and Apologia Academy.

Sign-up today and partner with Apologia Church as we bring the Gospel to the entire world!

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