What We Believe

We believe that the issue of abortion is the premiere battlefront of the Christian Church in this generation. Our plea is that the Bride of Christ would recognize this and run to the battlefront where the war is being waged for the souls of men, the lives of children and the future of our nation. Over forty years ago, the Supreme Court uttered a lie and codified child sacrifice into law. Since then, the span of four decades has left in its wake millions of sacrificed children while the church has largely been silent.

We believe that God is now raising up a unified, prophetic voice to speak into our culture and government to finally end this evil. We praise God for every baby that has been saved from the efforts of the pro-life movement up to this point. However, our conviction is that the approach to end abortion must be Biblically faithful and Gospel-centered. We want to use distinctly Christian language and call abortion what God calls it: murder. We are calling for an immediate end to abortion, not an eventual strategy to regulate it through incremental policies. By standing on God’s Word as our foundation, we are calling sinners to repentance and faith in Jesus because we know that it is only the Gospel that has the power to change hearts set on murder.

We believe it is the role of the local church to care for the cause of the mothers and fathers considering abortion. Our desire is to see the sin of abortion criminalized and justice upheld for the sake of these children who are being led to the slaughter. End Abortion Now is not an organization. It is the collective banner under which the Christian church is globally uniting to end abortion and fight to see this national sin against Him brought to an immediate end.  

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