Equipping the Christian Church to End Abortion Now

The abortion crisis seems insurmountable.
But together we can put an end to abortion.

We can protect the lives of 1,000's of babies.

And it all starts with one person: You

Nothing could be better than giving the gift of life. Giving life is what Christ did for us. Therefore, the church has a role. Including – and especially – you. 

Our work to end abortion can’t start without your support. No matter how much you choose to give, 100% will directly fund the end of abortion. 

Our Work

This year, an estimated 862,320 babies have been murdered via abortion in the United States. This must end.

Our approach is simple and effective, and we know it works because we see the number of babies saved growing each and every day. Our church partners regularly report on their work in the field, and the results are evidence of real life impact.

This is happening

Get Involved

What can you do to end abortion now?

Start an abortion clinic ministry

We provide everything you need to start an abortion clinic ministry at no cost to you.

Engage local and state legislators

We equip you to start engaging your local legislators and end abortion in your state.

Save lives by giving today

Become an unspoken hero. Babies don’t get saved if it weren’t for our donors.
Not sure where to start?
Answer pro-choice objections with confidence.

Getting started begins with a willingness to see real change take place in our nation.

Our Donors Save Lives.

More than 6,000 babies have been saved because of our partnering donors. Your donation makes an eternal difference—for life.

100% of your gift go towards saving babies


Distinctively Christian

When abortion ends, we end. We do this in the name of glorifying God and loving our precious pre-born neighbors. Not for the sake of creating a pro-life industry.

We need more Christians who are pro-life in action and not just pro-life in their hearts.


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Explore your state while learning how many babies have been saved and how you can get involved.

Know what representatives to contact and what to say using this tool. 



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