Preparing and equipping the Church to

End Abortion Now

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The global movement that starts with you, the Church.

We are a global movement of local Christian churches committed to ending abortion with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We end abortion through sidewalk ministry.

We give your church everything it needs to start a ministry at your local abortion clinics.

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We end abortion through local legislation.

We connect you with other churches fighting to end abortion, so together, you can engage your local representatives.

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See the impact you have already made.

This global movement is only made possible because of our supporters prayerful and financial contributions.


Uncountable babies saved


Churches from around the world


Sanctuary cities for the unborn

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Get the free comprehensive guide to the 10 most common pro-choice objects.

Scott Hord
End Abortion Now

Modern Day Hero Saves 300 Babies

Modern Day Hero Saves 300 Babies Our modern-day heroes don’t have superpowers like extreme strength or invisibility. They don’t wear masks or capes, and they

Jeff Durbin with Dr James White at a debate
Terry Gant

Jeff Durbin

“Only with the Gospel at the center of our message will we truly see the world healed from any evil.”
-Jeff Durbin

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Confidently answer "Pro-Choicer's" Objections

This definitive guide will help you help you become winsome and consistent in your next conversation with a pro-choicer.

my body my choice