What will your role be?

Whether you have hours or just a few moments, you can use your voice to speak up for your pre-born neighbors.

Start an abortion clinic ministry.

Have a deep conviction to save babies moments from death? Sign up your local church to start an abortion clinic ministry. Our church partners go to their local abortion clinics with the Gospel of grace to offer mothers and fathers help.

Become a monthly partner

Partnering with us is one of the most impactful thing you can do. Our donors save lives. Just listen to the stories of just a few of the 6000+ babies being saved because of their direct contribution.

Engage local legislators.

Start advocating for justice for the pre-born in our nation. Christians all around the United States are mobilizing in their state to put an end to this injustice.

It was Christians who mobilized to bring an end to slavery around the globe, and it will be Christians who mobilize to bring an end to abortion in America, and beyond.

This Approach Works

Our church partners are on the frontline saving lives every single day. See the impact our church partners are having in their communities.

Equal protection status map in the United States showing anti-abortion progress.



Explore your state while learning how many babies have been saved and how you can get involved.

Know what representatives to contact and what to say using this tool. 

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