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2,326 children are murdered every day. Our mission is to stop abortion immediately through abortion clinic ministry and ultimately end it through legislation. We get closer to this goal every day through the work of our partners and donors.

An effective approach to ending abortion—with the data to prove it.

6,000+ Babies Saved

Updated: December 28rd, 2023

Ending abortion means that mothers and fathers choose life. We celebrate every baby who is saved from murder, and we are thankful for our partners and donors who make it possible.

900 Church Partners

Updated: December 28rd, 2023

Our church partners engage in proactive abortion clinic ministry and help mothers and fathers considering abortion choose life. Church partners are a cornerstone of our approach and enable Christians to help end abortion now in their local community.

31,750 Ministry Hours

Updated: December 28rd, 2023

Every minute that our church partners spend ministering outside of abortion clinics is a minute spent proclaiming the Gospel and urging families to choose life.

10,000 Statement Signatures

Updated: December 28rd, 2023

Every person who signs our statement raises the call for our legislators end abortion now even louder. When we speak with a unified voice, we show politicians that providing equal protection for all needs to happen immediately.

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Abortion is an issue in every state—regardless of current laws, and we want to see the true end of abortion in our nation through settled legislation and a renewed culture.

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