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In The Field

Check out End Abortion Now’s most recent videos from the field.

In The Field

Arguing With A Pro-Choice Muslim

Watch Pastor Jeff engage with a pro-choice Muslim. This conversation dives into the depths of ethical, moral, and religious perspectives surrounding the right to life

In The Field

Pastor vs. Women’s March Foster Mom

In this compelling exchange, Pastor Jeff Durbin defends the biblical stance in a conversation with a foster mom at a women’s march. Pastor Durbin draws

In The Field

Feminist Wants Mandatory Vasectomies

Watch the newest video from Apologia Studios in which Pastor Jeff Durbin is on the street at a Women’s March in Phoenix, Arizona. He talks

In The Field

Pastor Confronted On Campus

Watch as Pastor Jeff Durbin is confronted by a couple of college students on the campus at LSU. EAN was present on site to bring

In The Field

Pastor Leads By Example

This is an example of how to boldly and humbly share the truth and offer help.

Marcus Pitman
In The Field

Fight Breaks Out at Council

Marcus Pittman spoke after a resident spoke in anger against what we were saying before the city council and Mayor Kate Gallego.

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