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Listen to End Abortion Now’s most recent speeches and sermons.


Why We Have This Passion

This message was delivered by Pastor Brian Gunter at the EAN Conference in Louisiana.


Christ or Chaos

In this message, Pastor Luke applies the consequences of Christ or Chaos to the issue of protecting all life.


Principles of Our Ministry

This message was delivered by Pastor Zack Morgan at the EAN Conference in Louisiana.

John Barros

Who Will Stand For The Unborn?

John Barros has been used by God to save thousands of children at abortion clinics across the United States. This talk is from Apologia Church’s #endabortionnow conference in Arizona.

Pastor Jeff Durbin speaking at an event

Sermon About A Miracle

Pastor Jeff shares many stories including the miracle with his adopted son

man speaking at event

The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates

For decades, many conservative Christians have believed that the fight for life can only progress at the national level. The emphasis has been on voting

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