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Our Message

These five points constitute the message of End Abortion Now. They are the Biblical pillars that undergird our mission. It is our conviction that these must be communicated to our culture if abortion is to end.

Human beings are made in the image of God, set apart and unique from all other creatures. (Genesis 1:27Genesis 9:61 Corinthians 11:7James 3:9Psalm 8:3-8). The child in the womb is as real and valuable a person as those at any other stage of development. (Genesis 25:22Psalm 139:13-16Luke 1:15Luke 1:41) Therefore, to unjustly take the life of an image-bearer of God is murder. God forbids murder in his law, stating that human beings are so valuable, that to take their life unjustly affords a death sentence at the hands of the civil magistrate (Genesis 9:6Exodus 20:13). 


2. Abortion is an Issue of National Sin

Biblically speaking, abortion is child sacrifice and the shedding of innocent blood (Lev 18:2120:23451 Kgs 11:72 Kgs 23:10Jer 32:35). God deals covenantally with his creatures and brings His judgment and wrath upon those who practice such wickedness. All men everywhere are accountable to His Word and subject to blessings and curses for obedience to His commands (Isaiah 24:5). When civil government fails to bear the sword of justice against evildoers, God can and does bring temporal punishments to bear on a nation in this life, as only individuals are judged by God on the Last Day. In the case of the United States, when our nations’ highest court and authorities removed protections for the pre-born, they became complicit in an abomination that has seen at least 60 million babies slaughtered since Roe V Wade. They have called evil good and sought to codify that evil into law. The only remedies for this scourge of national sin are repentance (1 Peter 4:17-182 Chronicles 7:1419-22Ezekiel 14:6) and interposition between oppressors and the oppressed, so that God may relent from dispossessing our nation.


3. The Gospel is the Only Hope

Abortion is not merely a political issue, it is a moral issue that is irrevocably tied to the violation of God’s Holy Law (Exodus 20:13). This law testifies to the conscience of the sinner that they have offended God and are worthy of his just judgment (Romans 2:14-16). Women who procure abortions are not victims of circumstance, but violators of God’s law and are in need of his grace (Matthew 4:17Luke 24:45-47Acts 2:3817:3020:21Romans 3:23-25Romans 5:1). Abortion is also an issue of false worship. The life of a child is being sacrificed by their parents so that all will be well with them. The Gospel solves both of these problems by presenting Jesus Christ as the final sacrifice for sins and the One who shed his blood so that we could be restored to true worship of the Living God. Therefore, the call for the abortion minded is that Christ lived a perfect life of obedience, died to take the penalty of justice for sinners, and rose from the dead as the Lord and Savior of His people. As the Risen King, he offers forgiveness, eternal life and peace with God to all who will repent and believe this Good News. This message alone as contained in God’s Word is what changes hearts and minds. 


4. We Want to Help Mothers and Fathers Considering Abortion

It is the concern of God’s people to see to the care of the orphan, the widow, the voiceless, and “the least of these” (Proverbs 24:10-12Proverbs 31:8-9Matthew 25:34-40Acts 4:34-35). It is the Christian Church’s responsibility to not only preach the Gospel of God’s grace, but to disciple the nations. This means teaching them to obey all that Christ has commanded in every area of life. This mission also includes the provision of mercy care to those considering abortion as well as the post-abortive. The Church, as represented in local communities of believers, are the “hands and feet” of our Lord and it is our primary responsibility, not the state, or parachurch ministries, to provide for the needs of the abortion-minded with anything we are able to including adoption, supply of physical needs, and the support of godly community.


5. Abortion Must Be Criminalized

Abortion is not only a sin before God. Murder is a crime that the state is obligated to prosecute. The standard of justice that God prescribes for the life of an image-bearer is the same regardless of their size, level of development, environment, or degree of dependence. The demands of God’s law are clear (Exodus 21:22-25) in regard to the life of the pre-born child. It is the responsibility of government and civil magistrates to see that justice is carried out in accordance with God’s Word (Romans 13:3-5) and the Constitution of our nation (14th amendment). Pre-born children must be afforded the same protections as anyone else without exception or compromise. This cannot occur without criminal sanctions for all parties involved in an abortion.

Our Message To Magistrates

We have a consistent and clear 6-part message. Here is the message we must communicate in love to our local representatives.


1. Pre-Born Children are the Image of God

The basis for protecting babies in the womb lies with the Biblical reality that they are human beings made in the image of God. If the child in the womb is human, then they must be protected by law from conception (Genesis 1:27Genesis 5:1-2Genesis 9:6Genesis 25:22Psalm 8:3-8Psalm 139:13-16Luke 1:15Luke 1:411 Corinthians 11:7James 3:9)


Abortion is a violation of God’s law and he commands us not to murder. The premeditated killing of another human being with malice of forethought is murder. Murder is a crime under the law of God and must be punished by the civil magistrate in order to protect the innocent (Genesis 25:22Exodus 20:13Leviticus 24:17Numbers 35:31 Deuteronomy 5:17Amos 1:15Matthew 5:21Matthew 15:19Romans 1:29).


3. The Role of Civil Government

It is the responsibility of civil government to punish evildoers and protect the innocent. They are the servant of God, instituted and appointed by Him to bear the sword of justice against those who do evil (Genesis 9:6, Romans 13:1-4, Psalm 82:1-4, 1 Timothy 1:8-11). 


The necessity is for lesser magistrates to ignore/defy an opinion from the Supreme Court that is not law. Our original system of government, according to the Constitution, states that only Congress has the authority to make law. Therefore, Roe V Wade is not a law. It was a federal ruling based on the false premise that unborn children are “potential human beings.” The overwhelming testimony of Scripture and biological science states otherwise and so Roe must be ignored and defied by local government to protect all of its citizens. When a nation has rebelled against God and his commands, we must obey God rather than men ( Ezekiel 22:30-31Acts 5:29).


5. National Judgment

The shedding of innocent blood brings judgment upon the nation that commits the act. God hates the hands that shed innocent blood. Abortion is the sacrifice of children in the womb as a result of the sinfulness of the human heart. (Lev 18:2120:23451 Kgs 11:72 Kgs 23:10Proverbs 6:16-19Jer 32:35). God holds men and nations accountable to His Word. He will not abide a people that sins in such a high handed way.


6. Equal Protection

Demand that your legislators make your city/state a safe place for babies in the womb. Plead with them to defy the federal judiciary and create a safe haven for children by putting forward a bill of equal protection. We must instruct magistrates on their duty to preserve innocent life within their jurisdiction and act consistently with their professed Pro-Life commitments.

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