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This Is Why

This Is Why

This Is Why: Government Education

In this episode of ‘This Is Why’ Zach Conover talks about the effects of Government Education. “Public Schools… have become little more than tools for

Pastor Zach
This Is Why

This is Why: The Loss of Shame

On this episode of This is Why Zach Conover talks about the loss of shame and how that loss has impacted this movement.

This Is Why

Abortion Is Still Legal: Roman Catholicism

A false gospel motivated by the work of prolife activism will never make us right before God or end abortion. Share this video and the only hope of establishing a prolife generation.

This Is Why

Abortion: Are Women Victims?

In this shocking expose of the Pro-life movement in America, Zachary Conover talks about a recent interview with the President of National Right to Life.

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