– 04/02/2022

Rally to Abolish Abortion in Colorado

Come join us in the effort to end abortion in Colorado!


200 E Colfax Avenue

Start Time

2:00 pm



What to Expect

Come out and support the cause of righteousness on April 2nd! End Abortion Now, in partnership with Action for Life, are forwarding legislation in Colorado to establish equal protection for preborn children. Rep. Dave Williams (R) serves as the sponsor of HB22-1079: Abolishing Abortion in Colorado. The legislation declares that the state of Colorado and members of the General Assembly are obligated to use their authority, as consistent with the United States Constitution, to nullify the opinions of the Supreme Court of the United States in Roe v. Wade, thereby protecting preborn babies from murder. The rally will feature keynote speakers to inform the attendees of the importance of the bill and what they can do to help lead justice to victory!

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