Every Second Counts: Who is Guilty?

The seemingly obvious answer is often disputed.

‘Every Second Counts’ is a new series providing Biblical answers to various questions on this issue with urgency and clarity. Who is the guilty party? The seemingly obvious answer is often disputed by some and now more than ever we need a sure answer.

Who is the guilty party?

  • Everyone knows God, but rejects Him and deconstructs their natural functions in the process.
  • The work of God’s law is written on the human heart, and the conscience bears witness to it.
  • Jesus tells us that evil thoughts and murder come from within the heart.
  • Abortion-minded women are self-deceived and doing foolish and reckless things.
  • They are accountable before God and before the authorities He has established.
  • The Gospel of grace and the justice of the law are both urgent.
  • The mother who deliberately chooses to commit this act against her own child is not a victim.
  • The only victim in the typical everyday abortion scenario is the baby in the womb.
  • Those offering up their own children as a sacrifice are guilty.
  • It is urgent to proclaim the Gospel of grace and the justice of the law.

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