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Frankfort, Kentucky (January 13, 2023) — End Abortion Now, in partnership with Action for Life and Abolish Abortion Kentucky, forwarding legislation to protect all human life in the state from the moment of fertilization. 

Rep. Emily Callaway (R) serves to introduce “The Abolition of Abortion in Kentucky Act.” The bill is one of equal protection and would apply the same constitutional provisions of the 14th amendment to all preborn children. The text of the bill states:

“Innocent human life, created in the image of God, should be equally protected under the laws from fertilization to natural death; and WHEREAS, To ensure the right to life and equal protection of the laws, all preborn children should be protected with the same homicide laws protecting all other human persons…”

If passed, the Act would outlaw all forms of prenatal homicide and legally treat children in the womb the same as those already born. Its goal is to provide equal protection for all humans in Kentucky.

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