Our modern-day heroes don’t have superpowers like extreme strength or invisibility. They don’t wear masks or capes, and they don’t live in huge mansions or have secret hideouts. The news doesn’t pay them tribute with front-page stories or flashy headlines. Neither do they receive loud cheers from immense crowds of thankful onlookers.

Heroes are Villains

Instead, our culture portrays heroes as villains. They face hardship, oppression, and even jail time as city officials, law enforcement, and citizens treat them like criminals.

We Stand in Opposition

This is why we stand in opposition to a culture of death as we write the headline and pay tribute to a true hero. This headline reads: Modern Day Hero Saves 300 Babies.  The name of this hero is Scott Hord.

Who is Scott Hord?

If you asked Scott about this amazing feat, he would say something like, “All glory to God,” and that would be true.  What you wouldn’t hear and what he wouldn’t tell you, is how he stands faithfully day in and day out in sweltering heat or freezing cold in opposition to the evil of abortion. His weapon of choice is the power of the gospel. His tools are signs and tracts to deter evil-doers. His greatest attribute is a heart of compassion that allows him to speak the truth in love.

We Applaud Your Faithfulness

So take a moment with us today to applaud Scott Hord, a true hero of the faith.  We love and appreciate your faithfulness and commitment to God. Praise Him for 300 lives saved and counting. Keep fighting, we are behind you.

Learn more about Scott and his ministry Operation Save Live HERE.