Speaking the Truth in Love

Our Message At Abortion Clinics

Our message at abortion clinics centers on the hope of the Gospel. This is how we approach these crucial conversations.

Tell the Truth

The abortion industry, the media, and our culture has lied for decades about abortion. God tells us that the truth will set us free. The first part of our message focuses on telling the truth about abortion.

  1. Abortion is Murder. God is the Creator of all life. He made you and your baby.
  2. God does not give you a choice to make, but a command to obey.
  3. He commands you not to murder. Please love your baby and have mercy on your child.

Share the Gospel

Only the Gospel can transform hearts and save lives. We share the hope of the Gospel with every mother we speak with outside abortion clinics.

  1. Sacrificing your child will not bring you peace. You must turn to the true sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
  2. God entered his creation as a baby to save sinners like you and me. He was perfectly obedient and died on a cross to take the penalty for sin. He rose again promising forgiveness and eternal life to all who will turn from sin and trust in Him.
  3. Repent and believe this Good News! There is hope and forgiveness only in Jesus Christ.

Offer Real Support

Telling the truth and sharing the Gospel needs to be backed up with real, tangible support for both the mother and child.

  1. We will do everything we can to support you and come alongside you and your baby.
  2. What do you need? We will try to take away every excuse you have not to give your baby life.
  3. If you cannot take care of your baby, we understand. We will help you find loving parents who will adopt your baby.


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Frequently Asked Questions

It is our conviction that every church should develop a ministry to abortion clinics in their communities. Sin leads parents to offer up their own children to be slaughtered. To be sure, abortion clinic ministry is difficult and often times ugly. However, Christians are commanded to take the light of the Gospel to the darkest places and lift up the name of Jesus in the battle for lives and souls. The Biblical pattern remains the same for any evangelistic outreach: Pastors raise up leaders within the congregation and calls upon the church to pray, financially support, and volunteer help in any way the Lord calls. The mission of the church is to evangelize and disciple. If no one is sent to the clinics to preach, how will people hear the Good News? (Romans 10:14)

Unregenerate sinners cannot be pushed further away from God than they already are. Abortion is an issue of sin and finds its root in man’s rebellion against his Creator. The primary need of the abortion minded woman is not more information, but truth spoken in love that gets to the heart of the problem. Only the Word of God can truly change hearts and minds because it speaks to the condition of the sinful heart and provides the only solution: the Gospel (Romans 1:16).

You can join our online coalition at dashboard.endabortionnow.com where you can reach out to our network of affiliates and see who may be in your area.

Anyone who signs up must be a member of a local church overseen by Biblically qualified Pastors/Elders. Each person who submits a sign-up form will be contacted by our Communications Director who will also contact church leadership about the interest to be partnered. Once approved, materials and training resources can be sent in order to equip each local church for ministry at the clinics.

We ask the churches who join our network to keep in touch and use our platforms to report back their experiences to us regarding their time at the abortion mills. This is to share testimonies of all that the Lord is doing through our church partners, as well as encourage one another and other local churches to join the fight to end abortion. We also request that if our local churches are in a position to financially support the work of EAN, this would go far to help equip other local bodies of believers to get involved. The support of our generous donors enables us to provide these resources as a blessing to our churches.

We provide training and resources to equip Christians for ministering at abortion clinics. We also connect believers to our online community in order to network with other like-minded individuals and churches in the realms of ministry and legislation.

As long as your church holds to historic Christian orthodoxy and the essentials of the faith and there is Biblically qualified leadership, your church will be approved for partnership pending our process for verification.

For other ways to get involved, please see What will be your role?—there are lots of ways that you can help End Abortion Now right where you are.



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