Pro-Life Hypocrisy: A Mike Johnson Exposé

HB 813 was the bill to provide equal protection in the State of Louisiana. It was a historic moment and an important bill that was worked on by Pastors Jeff Durbin and Brian Gunter. The bill passed the hearing and made it to the floor. Ultimately, the bill was stopped. Many will be shocked to know that it was stopped by leaders in the Pro-life movement. One of the men most responsible for the demise of equal protection in Louisiana, was Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson.

Does Mike Johnson really believe that what is in the womb is human and worthy of equal protection? You will hear the behind-the-scenes story and testimony from Brian Gunter that will challenge what you thought was happening in the Pro-life movement and with Pro-life Legislators like Mike Johnson.

It is our hope, that this exposure of what happened in Louisiana will cause Mike Johnson and others like him to be consistent and actually do what they claim they want to do. We are thankful for Mike’s profession of faith. However, unfortunately, Mike Johnson blocked equal protection for all humans in Louisiana and convinced others to do the same. Be sure to like, share, and comment on this video.

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