It has become increasingly common for feminists to speak plainly about their feelings of hatred against unborn children. These types aren’t like the media brain-washed types that actually believe organizations like Planned Parenthood are offering healthcare to women. They’re the honest ones.

The honest ones

They’re the dedicated, disciplined small percentage that has been hard at work for decades doing the brainwashing of the mindless disciples being churned out of our universities. They’re the ones that convinced the silent majority of Americans on the issue of abortion decades ago that to be pro-choice was to maintain the fundamentally sacred belief of freedom in United States tradition. (This, by the way, is where mantras like:  “I would never get an abortion, but I wouldn’t force my opinion on someone else” were born).

They’re the ones who have adopted the moniker of “nasty women” and speak frankly about the humanity of life in the womb. They no longer deny the damning evidence that opposes their position, whether it be theological or biological. They’re the ones that leave pro-lifers speechless in a debate because they don’t argue about the humanity of the child in the womb. The forthcoming response from them is: “So what?”

Quite frankly, they just don’t care. They’re more than willing, to be honest about their disdain for babies in the womb and especially those who fight to protect them.

Refreshing and repulsive honesty

This is why well-known feminists like Sarah Silverman can tell us that pro-life laws work up her appetite for aborted fetuses. This brand of pro-choicer isn’t afraid to tell us how she feels. Her honesty is both refreshing and repulsive for those seeking to protect unborn children from murder. It is refreshing because we don’t have to spend time arguing with someone so honest about the humanity of babies in the womb.

That is something that has already been granted. Now we get to look on in horror as that same person continues their willful, headlong plunge into depravity and love of death. The most recent fundraising spectacle where Silverman made this remark was dubbed as “Life is a Living Nightmare: A Telethon to Fix It.”

It was put on by The Lady Parts Justice League and shows us that whether it be engaging in games like “abortion charades,” donning the classy vagina costume, or guest hosting the biggest serial baby murderer in the nation, feminists and pro-choice advocates have no intention of slowing down their pro-death activism. This level of commitment demonstrates the goals of the honest few.  They not only degrade the value of unborn children, but also destroy the family, and mock the Author of Life.

The removal of stigma and shame

There is something else that has proven to be a tried and true tenet of their effectiveness. It is something that the Christian Church has failed to recognize and cast down because of its gradual subtlety. It is the removal of stigma and shame surrounding the murder of unborn children by abortion. Anyone who has spent more than five minutes on the sidewalk of an abortuary can attest to the fact that one of the most common accusations from both non-Christian, and sadly, professing Christian onlookers is that “you are shaming women.”

To be sure, this is the accusation of a coward. But it demonstrates that something radical has happened in the way that the evangelical community views God’s gracious gift of shame. The reason that cowards such as these see what other Christians are doing to save lives and souls as “shaming,” is because the church has been led to believe that shame is a bad thing. Therefore, it has become shameful to try and stop women from heaping God’s judgment on themselves as they shed the blood of their own children. This is where we are today. It has become more shameful to obey God’s commands to rescue those at the precipice of hell’s gates than to murder children.

Immediately, the average Christian reading this may be shocked to hear such language. And therein demonstrates the success of the pro-choice lobby and their diabolical agenda to remove the shame of abortion by calling evil what God uses to drive us in horror from our sin to His Son. For decades they have sought desperately to drive child sacrifice into the public as a common experience for women and Christians have sat by idly as passive culprits and allowed the gift of shame to become a weaponized accusation against them. The time has come for us to reclaim it.

We must be clear, it is a shameful thing to premeditate the murder of your own son or daughter. It is shameful to bribe an assassin to chemically poison your child or tear them limb from limb. It is shameful behavior for the father of that same child to sit back and allow them to be destroyed rather than be the man that God has commanded him to be. Abortion is a shameful act that merits individual and national judgment. Those who commit it or who are on the verge of committing it, bears the weight of their shame.

The reason for shame

However, it is the shame of our sin that points us to the need for a Savior. Shame is the intimate knowledge of our true offensiveness to God. It is this undervalued and often denigrated gift of God that makes the Gospel such good news. But it has been enthusiastically relinquished by modern-day evangelicals who have caved underneath the pressure of the godless and the unrighteous. All of us have forgotten that if there’s nothing to be ashamed of, then there’s no sin that we need to be saved from.

So let us not forget who covers our sin and shame. He is the Holy One who was put to open shame for the sin of those ashamed in secret. For those who confess their sins, he is faithful and just to forgive and to cleanse us from our unrighteousness. The reason that we can carry His easy yoke and light burden is because of the gloriously unfair exchange that takes place when his strong shoulders bear the full weight of a broken sinner’s shame and he gifts them with his perfect righteousness. But without the shame, there’s no reason to see the exchange as beautiful.

Without sin being called sin, then the Gospel is stripped of its power to satisfy the thirsty. Abortion is a shameful sin. Jesus Christ is a sufficient Savior. Those who give him their shame to carry will walk in the ultimate freedom of having peace with God. While the bloodthirsty predators lie in wait to ambush the innocent, the Church must return to a Biblical view of shame to maintain the stigma of abortion so that we can offer the only Hope for those desperate to be cleansed from its scarlet stain. This we will do if God permits.