When Religious Freedom Means Murder

The idea of a moral or legal system built on neutral values comes from a view of the universe as being meaningless and without purpose. But such neutral systems looking for justice apart from God, always create gods in their own image.

Among the many law suits filed by the late atheist Madalyn Murry O’Hair, was one against NASA to block the reading of Genesis while the Apollo 8 Mission circled the earth. She cited a violation of the First Amendment, claiming the reading fostered an establishment of religion. The U.S. Supreme court, showing a modicum of discernment at the time, said they lacked jurisdiction.

In this article, atheist “Mary Doe” also claims a First Amendment violation. She was required by law to view an active ultrasound of her baby and read a line stating that abortion terminates “…the life of a separate, unique, living human being.” She declined to hear the heartbeat of her baby and said she felt guilt and shame from the process.

Francis Schaeffer wrote, “…Christians know that [apart from psychological guilt] there is also real guilt, moral guilt before a holy God…You can tell [someone] a million times that there is no true guilt, but [they still know] there is.”

Laws made merely in our own image will vainly attempt to shield us from our true guilt. The idea that justice can be achieved through some neutral facts and “the individual will” is a myth. There are no neutral facts. Justice for the preborn rests on God’s justice.

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