As we begin another year the prospect of forming resolutions can seem daunting. By way of exhortation, it would be prudent to read carefully the resolutions of Jonathan Edwards (they can be viewed here: Much is vying for our time and attention. We feel pulled in a multitude of directions given our present challenges, demands and responsibilities. This past year has shaken the resolve of many. Therefore, it is important to not only reflect on the resolve of giants in the faith who have come before us, but also on the resolve of God Himself. We can surely draw encouragement from the faithful saints of long past and laud them for their diligence in the face of tremendous opposition. But before we embark on the voyage of the Christian life in another year that God has graciously given let us especially marinate in the resolve of God.

God’s resolve has never been in question for even a moment. He has never been shaken. He will not be deterred by circumstance in the establishment of his will and purposes in the world. He is settled, determined and zealous to advance his Kingdom and build his Church. It is in this certainty that we are able to march forward and take the victory. Even if our resolve fails, which it so often does, we find solace in the resolve of God to realize the wisdom of his counsel in the continued sanctification of all things, including us who believe. He will exalt his Name. He will receive the glory that is due to Him. He will subdue his enemies. He will place the adversary of abortion underneath his feet. The Lord Jesus is the one who has been given as Head over all things to the church, and so our partnership with him in the reconciliation of all things ought to prod any weariness of our spirits onward through the finish line.

The resolve of our God is unstoppable. Nothing will thwart his irresistible power to bring about the destruction of Satan’s works and the overturning of the curse. As we minister in front of the death pits, drive the reality of child sacrifice into the public square, and prophetically demand that our nation repent and do justice in the case of the unborn, let us not neglect to consider the resolve of our Lord who gives us the victory in all things. He is infallibly committed to vindicating the Holiness of His Name in the display of his manifold wisdom through His Church. He will not allow you or I to drag his Name through the mud. In his infinitely wise counsel, he has already taken into account all of our many failures and not one of them is strong enough to prevent the intention of his purposes from coming to pass. We cannot lose. So let us be resolved. If the Lord who saved us is resolute in his insistence, how can we who claim to know him and wave his banner be slack in our duties?

Romans 12:11 – Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord.