As more and more bills of equal protection are filed across the nation, equip yourself to answer some of the most common retorts you will hear regarding the full criminalization of abortion.

1. Women were not prosecuted for having illegal abortions before Roe.

Prior to Roe, the demand for prosecution of aborting mothers varied. Some state laws included it while others did not. The idea that women should face legal consequences for having their own children murdered ought to have legal precedence. There have been laws against fetal homicide that outlined penalties for aborting moms, even if the penalties were far less than those for homicide of born persons.

Christians should be those that seek to bring their system of justice into conformity with God’s standards, rejecting all partiality in judgment and calling on their magistrates to uphold the rights of the needy (Psalm 82:2-3).

We must also be subject to our governing authorities (Romans 13:1), which includes our Constitution. The 14th Amendment of the Constitution says that “no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

2. How will our state prosecute illegal abortionists if the women face prosecution too?

Some object that women will be less likely to testify against abortionists if they know they will be held accountable too. Historically, the reasoning behind this objection was that the woman’s testimony would be absolutely necessary for the abortionist to face justice. The challenge was finding multiple lines of witness, an issue that we do not need to worry about today given the advances in forensics procedures and medical technology. 

Furthermore, good laws act as deterrents to commit crimes. Post abortive sisters in Christ that have this sin in their past have testified openly they never would have aborted if the act had been illegal. The same women wish it had been the case as they would still have their children today. Women are less likely to abort if they know they will face penalties for doing so.

3. Some women are coerced into having an abortion.

Some women, yes. Many abort completely of their own volition. This is reflected by the fact that 97-98% of abortions take place for reasons of convenience.


Any woman who knowingly and intentionally commits the murder of her preborn child is not a victim of coercion, but a principal actor in the death of her own child.

The reason it remains legal for boyfriends, pimps and parents to coerce a woman into obtaining an abortion is that the lives of babies in the womb are not protected the same as everyone else. If they were, anyone even suggesting to a woman that she should abort could be held accountable for a crime.

All those on the side of life are opposed to a woman being forced to abort. The only way to make sure that doesn’t happen is to treat abortion like homicide for everyone involved, including the mother.

4. We don’t have to prosecute women to prevent abortion

If we’re going to be obedient to the Word of God and maintain a logically consistent ethic for life, we must allow for the prosecution of aborting mothers. The only way to provide equal protection for children in the womb is to make sure that no one is allowed to take their lives.

God’s Word says to acquit the guilty is an abomination in his sight (Proverbs 17:15).

He says that partiality in judgment is contrary to his character (Deuteronomy 10:17).

He detests unequal standards that pervert justice (Proverbs 20:10)

Many murder laws recognize the humanity of the preborn child, and even treat them with the same value as the life of the mother. Example, if a drunk driver kills a pregnant woman he stands to face two counts of homicide.

Even affirming the value of the child, laws will state that it is illegal for anyone to cause their death in the womb…except the child’s own mother.

Under Pro-Life laws, the mother faces no legal consequence.

To insist the mother be legally exempt is to defy God’s Word and maintain a logically incoherent position. Either babies have equal value, and must be protected equally or they don’t and we should amend our stated beliefs. 

The bottom line is that even if we could prevent abortions by adhering to such pragmatism, it would be unjust. 

5 Criminalizing abortion will sabotage other legislative efforts that save children.

If we had equal protection of the laws for all human beings from fertilization, we wouldn’t need legislative efforts to save more children because it would mean the judicial end of abortion. 

Some say, “you can’t just outlaw abortion, it will sabotage other laws that have a chance at passing.”

Nearly every state where equal protection has been introduced, it has been opposed by the Pro Life Establishment in favor of bills of partiality and compromise. Imagine what could happen if those who say they are for the end of abortion acted that way! 

Someday, equal protection will pass. Those who say they are Pro Life need to ask themselves if they want to be remembered as the ones that were standing in the way because they refused to protect their neighbors the way they wanted their lives to be protected.

6. Our Culture Isn’t Ready to Fully Outlaw Abortion

God’s Word never permits Christians to take their cues from the culture. It’s GOD’S job to prepare the soil. It’s OUR job to sow the seed. Maybe the culture would be ready if we were preaching God’s Law and His Gospel.

These are objections Christians will continue to hear as righteous legislation goes forward demanding justice for the preborn!

Be ready to give a defense.