Karl Marx once said that the way to be rid of the heavenly family of Father, Son and Holy Spirit was to destroy the earthly family. Those of us who now live in a culture of death not only see this in theory but in practice. The systematic murder of unborn children in the womb is telling of a nation steeped in epidemic rebellion against God’s familial institution. Abortion is often affectionately referred to by feminists and pro-abortion advocates as a human right, healthcare, or family planning. However, those of us who remain unyielding in our commitment to truly feel compelled to continue removing the grim façade of this insatiable idol.

Abortion is promoted by those who hate the family. 

As an ideology it emphasizes autonomous, unaccountable control over one’s body, reducing children to property. We have the evolutionary worldview and its undergirding of secular humanism (the world’s second-oldest religion: Genesis 3:5) to thank for such hatred of neighbor. Evolution teaches that the family is a primitive stage that needs to first be transcended and then replaced. Marxists and Socialists argued that the entangling cords of monogamous relationships should be cast-off in favor of more sexual freedom, proposing that children should be raised by society. Modern eugenics is a byproduct of this thinking. Women like Margaret Sanger believed in the philosophy of selective breeding, with more children from “the fit” and less from the “unfit.” This philosophy is still alive and well today within organizations like Planned Parenthood. As such, this evolutionary perspective has been championed by feminists to abolish the family, which they see as an oppressive form of slavery.

It is worth repeating often that the health of a society depends upon the health of the church, which rests on the stability of the family. A Biblical vision sees the family as the establishment of the Kingdom of God in the home. As the blueprint of civilization, God commissions man and wife to fill the earth with his image. This primarily takes place through the begetting of children as man exercises his derivative, subordinate sovereignty under God and over the creation, mirroring His Creator.

Throughout history, the Biblical view of the family has acted as a liberating force, uprooting the clan mentality of pagan civilizations that allowed for men to divorce their wives and disinherit their children at will. As the family of God (emphasizing loyalty to covenant at the expense of blood relationships) replaced the pyramid scheme (emphasizing loyalty to blood above all else), women were elevated to the same status as men and seen as equals in regards to their value. This is a task that modern feminism champions as its chief cause but has utterly failed in due to its intentional neglect of the Scriptures. The Biblical family was buttressed by the fact that God prescribes the highest protection to the family in His law, with the most severe sanctions for those who violate the institution. The modern state has sought to replace the family by steadily chipping away at its protections for decades. This is seen most clearly in the removal of the death penalty for crimes committed against the family such as rape, abortion, taxation, rampant sexual immorality, and divorce laws.

The sexual revolution and cultural shift responsible for abortion has led to legal ramifications for harmonious family relationships. Marriage becomes something defined by the state, not by God. Viewing pornography is normalized and imaginative gratification is seen as superior to lawful, marital sex. Prostitution (closely related to pornography) and human trafficking become permissible if a woman and her children are in a bind. Divorce is a private matter and should never be brought into the interest of the public (especially not in the church). Last but not least, a child in the womb is viewed as a parasitic entity that women should have the legal right to murder.

All of these are enemies of the family and constitute its greatest assailants. They are the tools of a secularized state intoxicated with the worship of self and repulsed by the God of the Bible and his plan of the human family. They represent idols that seek to separate what God has joined and bring together what he has commanded to be separate, blurring his holy distinctions. But behind these objects of worship is the great adversary himself: Satan. His most decadent desire is to eradicate the family from the face of the earth because he remains engaged in unceasing enmity with the Seed of the woman and His foreordained recipients of the second birth. Despite his head being judiciously and unceremoniously crushed by the victory had at Calvary and the subsequent, ensuing resurrection of all things in Christ, he remains resolute in his dedicated hatred of the church. Like a neutralized madman firing shots into the air as he falls to the ground, he seeks to take hostages with him. Those ensnared to do his evil bidding rip to pieces the image of God in the womb under the guise of “choice” in a feeble attempt to prevent God from building His Kingdom of priests, his royal nation. 

This is why abortion is the crown jewel in the dark diadem of Satan’s collapsing throne. It is his most perverse weapon against the family. Abortion is the defacing of the image of God in the most literal sense. It is an act of malice towards the most defenseless and voiceless. To be certain, it is an enemy of Christ and His bride, but it boasts its achievements in the perpetuation of humanity’s greatest enemy: death. This is why no compromise can be made with it. No quarter can be given to it. It cannot be allowed to limp along while claiming the lives of millions as it renews its strength. It must be struck down in such a way as to never get up again. The hearts of those who advocate for it and commit it must experience the radical transformation that can only take place through the Spirit-empowered Gospel proclamation of the church of Jesus Christ. The message of repentance and faith must be broadcasted throughout the nation and around the world from king to commoner while God watches over His Word to perform the task of His people in vanquishing their enemies. By His grace, may His Word be fulfilled in our lifetime and all the families of the earth return to worship their God (Psalm 22:27).