On the verge of the Presidential Election, it is worth reminding Bible believing Christians actively engaged in the abortion fight about the source of their hope. This election is not the end all, be all. Historically speaking, Christians are those who find their solace and rest in the sovereign God who sits upon His throne. He is the one who installs and deposes earthly rulers (Daniel 2:21). Regardless of the results in the upcoming election, our refuge is never in princes but in the Lord (Psalm 118:8-9). Neither in princes or in horses is there any salvation to be had. The plans of man perish just as his breath leaves his body, but Blessed are the ones whose hope is in the Lord, as he reigns forever. He is the Faithful Sovereign who made heaven and earth (Psalm 146:3-6, 10). His plans will never fail. He is still in control and he will not be thwarted by whoever occupies the oval office. Even if America as we know it, along with all of our liberties go up in smoke under the tyranny of Communism, nothing will turn back the hand of the Only Wise King.

All of the promises of Scripture and their fulfillment do not rest on the circumstances that we face but upon the zeal of the Messiah to expand his rule over the face of the earth (Isaiah 9:6-7). The apostle John tells us that the reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the Devil (1 John 3:8). For 2,000 years, The King of the universe has been accomplishing this task through His people as they bring the proclamation of the Good News into every area of life and against every cultural evil. The wholesale slaughter of the unborn is no exception. Not only is God saving and sanctifying His people, he is making all things new and advancing His Lordship over the realm of sin and death in all of its ungodly manifestations. The works of the Devil will be destroyed in the hearts of God’s people and in the world because Christ purchased both with His blood (Colossians 1:19-20) and he will receive the reward for his suffering.

Our anchor for success does not lie in a Trump presidency, and certainly not in a “conservative Supreme Court,” although we do pray for the Lord to keep our freedoms intact so that we can continue to work that we may save children and herald the Gospel in the area of abortion. No, we stand on the promises of God and His power, even if it means that life becomes more difficult for us as Christians under an administration that hates our Lord and His Word. The Gospel will not be stopped. Christ will build His church. Abortion will be ended for the glory of our ruling King, and when it is we will give Him all of the glory and praise that is due to His name for using undeserving men and women like us to partner with Him in the this high calling. Our current responsibilities are to speak the truth, continue in faithful service, and lead by way of repentance in the hope that Christ would pour out His Spirit upon a land that is overflowing with the blood of innocents.

Hands to the plow brethren!