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In The Field

Check out End Abortion Now’s most recent videos from the field.

mother and son outside abortion mill
In The Field

A Conversation That Matters

Conversations like this would not have been possible if it were not for people like you. Please consider donating.We know this is an uphill battle

men talking outside abortion mill
In The Field

Heartwarming: Baby Saved!

Be sure to tell everyone about this heartwarming and amazing video that shows an actual baby saved. Jon Speed talks with some people about the love and help that can be offered and it ends in a save! Be sure to show this to someone.

talking to pro-choice woman
In The Field

Arguing with a Planned Parenthood Supporter

It is not often that Planned Parenthood supporters will partake in a rational dialogue. Watch this rare instance of a local clinic apologist engage with

man on bike
In The Field

But What If She Was Raped?

One of the go to arguments for abortion on demand is that it should be allowed if a woman was raped. Pro-choice advocates love to

witnessing in Ireland
In The Field

Abortion Conflict in Ireland

A professing Christian and Pro-lifer confronted Jeff and Marcus over there using the Gospel and talking about specific sins at an abolitionist rally.

Jeff talking to deathscorts
In The Field

Abortion Supporters Argue With Pastor

The purpose of these videos is to expose the erroneous argumentation of Pro-choice advocates and to encourage Christians to stand for the lives of children at an abortion-mill near you.

Be informed. Always.

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