How Is Biblical Justice Different From Social Justice?

Pastor Jeff Durbin sits down at the Equip + Go Conference and answers the audience’s questions. In this clip Pastor Jeff talks about the message of justice in the Bible and how only the Bible can give an account for our desire to see justice fulfilled in our day.

When engaging with BLM or LGBT, I want to understand their worldview and challenge them to consider that justice can only be found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to challenge them to consider that justice and equality can only be found in the Bible, and that justice is rooted in God’s character and law.

Today, when people talk about justice, they are often just repeating slogans and don’t understand what they are asking for. When looking at justice, we need to consider victims’ rights and make sure they are made whole again.

Social justice warriors today are often looking for equity – taking from one person and giving it to another – rather than equality in the courts. This is often seen as a virtue, but it is actually a sin – covetousness at a national level.

We should not judge people on the basis of their skin color, as this is wrong. We should also not take from someone who is successful and distribute it to others, as this is also wrong.

We should instead admire those who are successful and look to them as an example of hard work and discipline. We should look to God’s character and law to understand what justice is and strive to uphold it.

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