Who is Jeff Durbin?

Pastor Jeff Durbin is the head of End Abortion Now and a teaching elder at Apologia Church in Mesa, Arizona—a role that he has fulfilled since its founding in 2010.

Before his time at Apologia, Jeff Durbin served as a hospital chaplain. He is a popular speaker; his sermons are featured on Apologia Studios on YouTube, Apologia TV, a weekly radio program in Arizona, and his podcasts are hosted on the channel ApologiaStudios.com.

Jeff’s most “infamous” ministry is his work in End Abortion Now, which takes a Christian approach unapologetically seeking to criminalize and eliminate all forms of abortion without exception. Jeff Durbin and the End Abortion Now ministry team can regularly be found ministering at abortion mills, reaching out to mothers with practical assistance and the hope of the gospel.

Jeff Durbin in the news with End Abortion Now

Jeff’s Early Days

Jeff was active in martial arts since the age of four. His interest rapidly grew from a hobby to a serious formal study. He began practicing multiple types of martial arts, training hard for hours at a time across three continents. He even had the privilege of learning Moo Duk Kwan and Tae Kwon Do under Japanese masters in Northern Honshu.

Jeff Durbin Mortal Kombat: The Live Tour Ninja Pastor

Over the years of training, Jeff Durbin earned five black belts in multiple disciplines. Turning this skill into a career, he launched his own martial arts school at the age of sixteen. He worked as a stuntman and actor in a number of movies, games, and live shows, including for the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” franchise, MTV’s The Final Fu, and “Mortal Kombat: The Live Tour,” where he starred as Johnny Cage.

Jeff and his wife, Candi, were married over twenty years ago. He is the delighted father of five children: Sage, Immagin, Saylor, Stellar, and Augustine.

Jeff Durbin with his wife and 5 children.

Durbin’s Dark Days

Jeff Durbin was raised in a non-Christian household and did not attend church. He recognized that the thick, dusty book that rested on his parents’ shelf was about someone named Jesus who died and rose again.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Not long after he was married, he began to develop a drug addiction which put a severe strain on his marriage. His alcohol and drug consumption grew to surpass all other occupations.

This developed into a dependence on ecstasy, which Jeff overused to the point that he had to take several pills at a time to feel anything. Eventually, this led to a near-death experience by overdose.

Sitting in an ice water bathtub to try and cool his overheated body and slow his racing heart, he tried to make a bargain with God to spare him in exchange for being a better person: an impossible promise to make.

After recovering, Jeff ignored the promises he made, but the Lord was not done with him yet. A personal financial collapse brought on by his sinful lifestyle led him to the point of utter brokenness. With no way out, Christ was faithful to offer Jeff a place to turn.

Emerging into the Light

Jeff realized that God’s law was sufficient only to condemn him. The Lord poured out grace sufficient to cleanse his sins; through God’s grace alone, Jeff’s life was saved, his marriage was saved, and his eternal soul was saved.

Pastor Jeff’s Ministry Work

Jeff, by the power of the Holy Spirit, helped to plant and pastor a church in Tempe, Arizona, called Apologia Church. From Apologia Church sprang a small, local ministry that they dubbed “The Red Door Ministry.”

Years later, End Abortion Now was formed. In Pastor Jeff’s characteristic style, the name was clear and to the point. End Abortion Now reflects its founders, who believe that to show Christian love is to plainly speak God’s truth.

Jeff Durbin is meeting people at an end abortion now event.

End Abortion Now

End Abortion Now garnered attention because of its uncompromising messaging. Often unreported, however, were the babies saved, the women helped, and the souls reached with the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Daily reports of women changing their minds about abortion were coming from End Abortion Now. By God’s grace, those reports continue to this day.

Jeff Durbin standing outside Abortion clinic with others from End Abortion Now

Apologia Radio

Through Apologia TV and Apologia Radio, the Apologia Church team reaches thousands of listeners and viewers regularly. Apologia Studios boasts 280,000 subscribers.

Working closely with Alpha and Omega Ministries, Jeff Durbin and the Apologia team can regularly be found debating atheists, progressive Christians, cultists, and pro-choice activists on the streets adjacent to abortion clinics.

Jeff Durbin and Dr. James White Debate

Hundreds of churches worldwide have joined the mission of End Abortion Now, benefiting from training for how to address the issue of abortion from the Scriptures.

Having lived a life as both an idolatrous blasphemer and a blessed child of the Most Holy God, Jeff knows the power of the gospel—a power that can heal the broken and hopeless of the world.

Alongside a proclamation of Jesus’ death and resurrection, End Abortion Now offers practical help with the rigors of pregnancy, adoption and medical costs, and family and children support services to those who have nowhere to turn.

An encouraging word from Pastor Jeff Durbin:

“Christ’s Kingdom is over everything. The goal of the Gospel is to win the nations to Christ, to baptize them, and to teach them to obey. God’s people need to engage the issue of abortion from the standpoint of God’s Word and the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Only with the Gospel at the center of our message will we truly see the world healed from any evil.”