Demanding Justice and Equality

Our Message To Legislators

Our message to legislators is built upon a Biblical understanding of life and the role of government.

Every person is made in the Image of God

Laws are just insofar as they recognize that God is the Creator of all things—including people. A proper understanding of personhood is critical for enacting laws that align with God’s design.

  1. Pre-born children are persons made in God’s image.
  2. They are human beings from the moment of fertilization.
  3. Because life begins at fertilization, all life must be protected from fertilization.

Abortion is murder

In the same way that we tell the truth outside abortion clinics, we want our politicians to know the truth about abortion.

  1. Abortion is not a healthcare procedure, a matter of women’s rights, or an issue of reproductive freedom.
  2. God’s Law commands human beings not to murder.
  3. Abortion is murder and the law must treat it as a crime.

Civil Authorities have a God-given duty to establish justice

God is the author of justice and the one who determines whether laws are fair or not. Our politicians must understand their role as defined by God and act accordingly.

  1. God has established government to punish evil and protect innocent life. Government officials are His servants, established by him to enact justice in the civil sphere.
  2. All life—without exception—must have equal protection according to with God’s Holy Word and the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution
  3. You will give an account to Jesus Christ, the King of kings, for how you discharge your office and this duty.


Frequently Asked Questions

Abortion remains legal in all fifty states. While lives are certainly being saved, justice for the preborn has not yet been met. This is why it is absolutely critical to push for legislation that provides equal protection for babies in the womb.

Any measure that falls short of equal protection is unjust and violates God’s standard for justice. Equal protection is simply the Golden Rule applied to the issue of justice for the preborn (Matthew 6:31). The law must afford equal protection to babies in the womb as those outside the womb.

Statements amplify our voices and communicate to local leadership that there is support for a culture of life. This matters especially because politicians fear losing their political seat. Putting stacks of statements on their desks shows them they have support to do what is right before God. Statements also show them how many votes they could lose if they do not stand up for what is right.

We maintain a contact list that you can use to find your local representatives. Visit Demand Action from Your Legislators. There, you can search for your representatives by state. We have also included a sample message that you can use when emailing or calling your representatives.

Each state needs a representative within a district, whether House or Senate to introduce the bill in the committee. Before this happens, the legislator must be vetted and prepared by Christians to stand strong in the face of much adversity that comes with supporting such legislation. EAN can help facilitate the proper channels and connections for legal advisement on the bill itself when a legislator agrees to propose it.

For a starting point, please see Our Message to Legislators. We would encourage starting with Scripture to learn how to speak on this issue. Those in office need God’s truth and they need to know they will be supported for taking a courageous stance. Point men and women to the truth and call upon them to do their duty before God and make good on the oath that they swore to the Constitution to uphold the right to life. Do not fear kings, fear the One before whom they and you will give an account. 

For other ways to get involved, please see What will be your role?—there are lots of ways that you can help End Abortion Now right where you are.

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