The Pro-Life Movement Does Not Want To End Abortion



Babies are still Murdered Here

After 40 years, millions of dollars, and multinational pro-life political lobbies abortion is still alive and well in our country. Why are babies still murdered here? Is the Pro-Life movement really interested in ending abortion? Read more below.

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Article Updated: 11/4/21

The Pro-Life Movement Has Failed

Modern-Day Holocaust

silent Holocaust is occurring in our midst. As the Jews in Nazi Germany were being led to their executions, their murderers could hear their screams. It is estimated that six million Jews were murdered between 1941 and 1945 by the Nazis. Fast forward 28 years to 1973: through Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court authorized a new Holocaust that has seen 62 million babies murdered in the United States.

Brutally Murdered and for Sale

Unborn children have been murdered by being torn apart limb by limb; the evidence is mounting that their body parts are sold for a profit.

If you are pro-life, these facts should make you sick. What has the anti-abortion movement done to combat these atrocities? Why have there been so many children murdered in the United States over the past five decades?

What Has the Pro-Life Movement Been Doing?

The pro-life movement has spent its time, effort, and considerable financial resources to push for legislative restrictions on abortion. The United States is rich with anti-abortion organizations. Who are these organizations and what are their goals?

National Right to Life

The National Right to Life Movement is one of the oldest anti-abortion groups. Founded in 1968, they have affiliates in every state and boast more than 3,000 local chapters across the country. Their website reports that they are pushing for a plethora of incremental legislation.

National Right to Life says that their main legislative priority is the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. They state that “this hugely important law protects from abortion those unborn children who are capable of feeling pain—20 weeks after fertilization, according to substantial medical evidence.”

What about those babies who are under the National Right to Life’s threshold? Sadly, they will not be saved. Even one murdered baby is one too many. Pro-life organizations are not interested in abolishing abortion; rather, they promote their incremental stance as millions of children are murdered. The modern anti-abortion movement has failed, and the result of that failure has been the death of millions of children in the womb.

Science and Evidence Alone Will Always Fall Short

These “pro-life” organizations all have something in common: they have been around for a long time. However, given the total number of children still dying daily, it is obvious that they have failed in their attempt to ban abortion in the United States.

Why? Because they have been approaching the issue incorrectly. They claim that as we move toward a better understanding of embryology, Americans will see the horrors of abortion, leading to an end of abortion in our country. They strategize based upon education and legislation that limits abortion.

Not a Science Issue, But a Heart Issue

Science can give us all of the necessary evidence to prove that a fetal heartbeat is present as early as six weeks. Science can prove that a baby can feel pain as early as 20 weeks. 4D ultrasounds can provide videos of a baby sucking their thumb and smiling in the womb.

Science has shown that babies are human beings from the moment of conception. Christians have always known this to be true, however, because God’s Word—the only rational foundation for science itself—defines life plainly.

Evidence is not the issue; it never has been. Support for abortion stems from an issue of the heart. Pro-choice activists, Planned Parenthood, and women who have abortions know that unborn babies are human beings, yet they still choose to murder these helpless image-bearers of God. Instead of murdering their children, these women should be protecting and laying down their own lives for them.

Our society has lost its sense of direction; everyone flaunts his or her autonomy and does what is right in his or her own eyes.

A Historical perspective of Anti-Abortion Activism in the United States

Pro-Life Before Roe v. Wade

Most people believe that the history of the pro-life movement began as a result of the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade, which allowed any woman in the United States to pursue an abortion on demand. The anti-abortion movement surprisingly was not started by conservatives or the Republican Party. Instead, the early abortion opponents were most concerned with civil rights. They saw abortion as a means to eradicate minority populations.

The Pro-Choice Movement Takes Shape

By the late nineteenth century, almost every state had outlawed abortion except on the grounds of potential threats to the mother’s life. In the 1930s, a few doctors began calling for less harsh abortion restrictions. The first pro-choice activists claimed that the Roman Catholic Church was trying to use public law to enforce its standards to limit the personal freedom of all Americans. The National Federation of Catholic Physicians’ Guilds strongly opposed these pro-choice physicians and wrote that the movement towards legalizing abortion would “make the medical practitioner the gravedigger of the nation.”

How prophetic they were. Since Roe v. Wade, over 62 million babies’ graves have been dug under the pretense of women’s rights.

1967-1970: The Abortion Debate Begins

Between 1967 and 1970, California, New York, Alaska, and Hawaii led the way in abortion law that allowed abortions without requesting permission from the state. In 1967, Ronald Reagan—a hero among many American conservatives—signed one of the most progressive abortion bills into law.

Increasingly pro-choice New York was not too far behind. In 1970, they passed legislation that allowed an abortion at up to 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Jane Roe and the Uphill Battle Pro-Lifers Faced

Anti-abortion activists up to 1972 were predominantly religious conservatives like Roman Catholics. In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Jane Roe, handing a huge victory to the pro-choice movement and dealing a defining blow to those who believe in the sanctity of human life.

Abortion rights advocates and some in the media were claiming that the issue was solved once and for all in regards to abortion laws. Although the anti-abortion movement did become stagnant, it did not completely fizzle. In the 1980s, there was a revival in anti-abortion activities. Roman Catholics were not in the fight by themselves; new pro-life organizations were beginning to take shape.

Why Pro-Life?

Policies that Don’t Save Lives

The anti-abortion movement has been around for a long time and has taken many different forms. However, the pro-life industry needs abortion in order to justify its own existence. Without abortion, many in these pro-life organizations would lose their jobs. Anti-abortion leaders, activists, and politicians run on anti-abortion policies, but they do not follow through once they attain office. If they truly valued human life, they would do what is necessary to end the murder of our nation’s children.

Pro-life organizations have no end game in sight. Instead, they gain and lose ground over the course of decades as millions of children perish in their wake.

Understanding the Core of the Issue

God’s Word says that there is none who does good (Romans 3:12). Pro-life organizations attempt to see the good in women who murder their unborn children. They claim that pro-life activists simply do not understand the circumstances these women face; however, the Bible says that we do. God explains that the heart is desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9).

Unbelievably Cruel

Many women have responded to abolitionists—those who call for an immediate end to abortion—by laughing about the fact that they have had multiple abortions, admitting that they willingly murder their children. Even when abolitionists outside of abortion clinics offer to adopt their children, the women state that they said they would rather murder their children than give them up for adoption.

Is this a legislative issue first and foremost? Are the women as much of a victim as their children? The obvious answer is no.

Abolition Is the Only Option

The only path to end abortion once and for all is to truly choose life and abolish it entirely in our country. Such laws would hold women and their accomplices criminally accountable when they premeditate the murder of their children.

What is an Abolitionist and Why Does It Matter?

Abortion: Is It Murder?

As abolitionists, our goal is merely to not reduce abortions. Many pro-life organizations will not take this stand; in fact, they believe that this stand will hurt their cause and present legal challenges. When campaigning in March of 2016, President Trump said that women who undergo the procedure should face “some form of punishment.” It is not surprising that pro-choice activists were outraged by this statement, but many religious groups were equally upset.