Should Christians Be Involved In Politics?

Pastor Jeff Durbin sits down at the Equip + Go Conference and answers the audience’s questions. In this clip Pastor Jeff answers the question of Christians being involved in Politics.

Christians being involved in Politics

  • It is a false dichotomy to say that politics is separate from morality – Jesus has something to say about morality and justice and righteousness and so when Christians take their voice out of the realm of politics, they are saying Jesus has nothing to say in that area.
  • When someone suggests abolishing a law and establishing justice, it should be patently obvious that crimes like murder should take place in dark alleys, not in the public square.
  • We should criminalize murder, but people are still going to do it, so we should not just allow it to happen in the public square.
  • We should not talk that way about sex trafficking – if we abolish it, it should not be allowed in the public square and we should send police officers to charge those involved in these crimes.
  • It was not until a couple of years ago that abortion was forced upon Northern Ireland, and it was voted in by the Republic of Ireland.
  • It was considered murder and a criminal act in Ireland up until a couple of years ago.
  • If someone wanted to kill their child, they had to leave the island.
  • This is a praiseworthy thing, as it is protecting children by not allowing them to be killed in that jurisdiction.
  • We should criminalize abortion, and people should have to leave the nation to kill their children if they choose to do so.
  • Jesus has something to say about morality, justice, and righteousness, and we should protect children by not allowing them to be killed in our jurisdiction.

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