The Sermon With An Unforgettable Ending

In this viral sermon, Pastor Jeff Durbin speaks on the importance of having a bold Christian witness in the public square. You do not want to miss the shocking ending in which Pastor Jeff brings baby Carmelo and his mother up in front of the audience. Carmelo was on the verge of death by abortion at a local Planned Parenthood where Jeff and his church do regular ministry to serve abortion-minded mothers. Jeff tells the story of the events that led to the saving of Carmelo’s life. This is a wonderful sermon to share with those who are questioning whether Gospel ministry at local abortion clinics is worth the effort and the opposition that comes with the territory. The Lord saved the life of a child that day because Christians loved their neighbor enough to go and be faithful in a dark context. He has since saved countless others through this kind of ministry and has used this very sermon to bring other Christian churches into the same Kingdom work.

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