Conversing with enough abortion advocates over a period of time will expose you to the same tired arguments again and again. Mind you, there is no justification for the murder of the unborn. Not one. None of the excuses men and women use to placate their guilty consciences will stand before the tribunal of God’s judgment throne. However, an argument that seems to be gaining sympathy even in Christian circles is the same one that the pro-abortion crowd has touted for a while now. This is the argument that says abortions can be reduced by making sure that women have access to “healthcare” and other options. Recently, Grammy award-winning hip hop artist Lecrae tweeted:

Lecrae Abortion Tweet

@lecrae tweet

Now, any Bible believing Christian who has spent more than an hour on the sidewalk in front of an abortion clinic ministering and offering help knows that for abortion minded mothers it is not a lack of options that is the problem. Women do not murder their unborn children because they have no other option. They murder their children because they have no other desire. The fact is, there are more Christians than ever who serve on the frontlines at these places of death who are ready to serve families, provide resources, and even be willing to adopt these children should mothers and fathers have mercy on them and spare their lives. These are men and women who risk their own well being to care for the widow and the orphan. End Abortion Now has raised up hundreds of local churches who do this work regularly, in the attempt to take away every excuse a mother would have to kill her baby.

I have personally lost my voice pleading from the sidewalk of these death pits for hours on end, telling young women that our church would do anything to help them and that they didn’t have to kill their babies, only to see the majority of them leave the clinic shortly after with middle fingers in the air out of a car window. No, this is not about a lack of options or access to “healthcare.” In my experience, as in the shared experience of other Christians, there have even been women like the kind that Lecrae referred to in his tweet who attempt to hold their unborn babies hostage by demanding “free healthcare” or else they’ll walk through the doors of a clinic to have them killed. Yes, this actually happens. Anyone who says otherwise simply hasn’t walked a mile in our shoes. They are simply not privy to our lived experience.

We must speak frankly here, it is all too easy for young women, particularly African American women who remain unmarried to the father of their child, to acquire all of the state benevolence that they need. This makes Lecrae’s tweet ironic for two reasons. 1. The true source of systemic racism within the black community is subsidized fatherlessness at the hands of the welfare state which invariably leads to the wholesale slaughter of an entire people group before they are even born. Black women make up a lower percentage of the population while accounting for a staggering amount of all abortions. Moreover, the vast majority of abortion clinics are set up to “do business” in minority communities. It is nothing short of genocide, and is often aided and abetted by a political party that many of the same folks who rattle on about systemic racism vote into office! 2. “Healthcare” is the very word that Planned Parenthood supporters and abortion sympathizers use to refer to their sacred rite of baby murder. Notice, that if we adopt the solutions being proposed in the tweet, all of the fault lies within the institutions of an inherently racist society that are seemingly rigged against the woman of color to leave her disadvantaged and lead her helplessly to seek out abortion, thus propagating the same narrative of victimhood that has kept the slaughter of the unborn legal for decades now. All responsibility is transferred from the individual to the faceless system of injustice from which the privileged have benefited.

But, it is essential to understand something: women who procure abortions are not victims. They are responsible agents that God will hold accountable. They know their Creator (Romans 1:18-25). They cannot simply offer up the fruit of their body for the sins of their souls (Micah 6:7) in an act of false worship and say they didn’t know what they were doing or that the reason they did what they did was because the church wouldn’t fund their healthcare. I would venture to say that there has never been a time where the Christian Church in America has been more active in sidewalk ministry and offering resources at the exact places where the help is needed than the time in which we are currently living.

Lastly, notice the “end goal” stated in the tweet: reducing abortions. This is also something that those in the pro-abortion apologist club believe should happen, reasoning on the exact same premise as Lecrae. “We need fewer abortions,” they say, which they fight to bring about through things like a state-approved curriculum of sexual education (perverse indoctrination) that encourages promiscuity and unrestrained sexual liberty in the lives of our youth. Not to mention the obvious, but this indoctrination also encourages the thoughtless use of birth control that furthers the epidemic of children conceived out of wedlock. How do our young people end up at Planned Parenthood again??? For decades now, the Pro-Life industry has played the same game of political football with the unborn in order to reduce the number of abortions through piecemeal legislation rather than outright ending it. They are fighting on the same grounds as their enemies who also want to “reduce abortions.” Only the enemies’ way of doing it is by stealing money from taxpayers in order to fund it on demand and up until the point of birth. For these reasons and more, the end game for Bible-believing Christians when it comes to the issue of abortion should never be “reducing” it or attempting to regulate it as “healthcare.” ABORTION MUST BE ABOLISHED AND CRIMINALIZED AS MURDER IMMEDIATELY.

We are not looking to have fewer abortions any more than we are looking to have fewer women raped or fewer child molestations. The act of child sacrifice is deplorably evil and we must not toy with it or mince words about it any longer. Lastly, we must stop adopting views of justice that exempt men and women of their responsibility before God. Views like those expressed in the tweet are the result of worldly ideologies creeping into the church, altering Biblical categories, and distorting the Gospel completely. Whether or a woman is well off or poor, has health insurance or not, the command of God is that she may not murder her child. She must repent and place her faith and trust in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of her sins, particularly the sin of murder that resides in her heart (Matthew 15:19). This is the message of forgiveness that the church is to proclaim because abortion is a sin issue. It is an issue of the heart, and only the Good News will change the heart. However, our witness has another element. We must call on God’s deacon of justice (Romans 13:1-4) to do their duty and provide equal protection for our pre-born neighbors. If this is truly murder, which God’s Word answers affirmatively so, then evil like abortion is not to be coddled, but purged from a land where the blood of innocents cries out for retribution.