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End Abortion Now began as a local outreach ministry of Apologia Church in Arizona. It is the result of Christians who began to realize that their local body could do more to impact the area of abortion than merely voting “Pro-Life.”

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They commenced ministering at their local abortion clinics, proclaiming the Gospel to men and women, as well as offering to serve abortion bound mothers as they plead from the public sidewalks. The fruit that came from this was staggering as these faithful believers watched the Lord turn the hearts of young women and men to spare the lives of their children as a number of babies were saved from death. Apologia Church reported on this ministry using their established media platform in the hopes of blessing other churches and showing them that it was possible to approach this issue as believers and implement this ministry within their own local churches.

End Abortion Now was born out of a need for local churches to be equipped in bringing the Gospel into the context of abortion. Hundreds of local churches in the United States, have partnered with End Abortion Now to receive training and materials (completely free) to address the issue of abortion at clinics, in the public square via media, and before their local legislatures. The message of End Abortion Now has now spread to Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa as Christians are being raised up to combat this great evil of our day.


The church must continue to rise up in this area. In our nation alone, sixty million children have been murdered by abortion. If the church does nothing, babies in the womb will continue to die and our nations will only be placed under the compounded wrath of God. At this point, God has saved thousands of children as a result of this ministry and emboldened local churches to declare the Gospel before their local governments, demanding an immediate end of abortion. As a result of our generous donors and ministry supporters, local churches are continuing to be equipped in order to see this evil vanquished once and for all.


Our message at abortion clinics

We have a consistent and clear 5-part message that is said in love to those looking to murder their child.


Our message to the legislators

We have a consistent and clear 6-part message that is said, in love, to our state legislators.

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